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competitionCompetitions are held throughout the year all over the globe. Serious fighters fight in a tournaments every month and will typically travel around the world for particular events.

For the average TKD student, 2-3 times a year is more likely. Competitions are not compulsory, although at Golden Eagle TKD it is a requirement of grading for anyone of Green belt and above. Once or twice a year, we hold the inter club Golden Eagle tournament.

Competitions are a useful addition for keeping your reflexes and senses sharp; fighting in competitions sharpens your mind and tunes your body. You will be amazed at the experienced gained after each competition, every experience against a different opponent improves your taekwondo skill level. It can get quite lonely in the open ring so you will need all your techniques learned in training, speed and stamina at your disposal. However, Master Sean will be in your corner at all times to give advice and hints about your opponent and urging you on.

Depending on each individual competition, bouts are typically 3 x 2 minute rounds. The winner is the fighter who scores more points. You are awarded 1 point for kicking to the body or back and 2 points for a clean kick to the head. Points can also be taken away like if you step out of the ring too many times or fall down. In WTF, there is no punching to the face or kicking below the belt.

Equipment and weight categories
competition matYou are required to weigh in on the day to determine your weight class. Obviously a taller opponent usually presents a tougher challenge but this can be overcome with good technique like closing the gap, using your counters and speed. You will usually be given an opponent not more than 1 belt above or below your grade.

Just before a fight, the referee will check if you have all the necessary equipment. This includes body armour, shin guards, arm guards, groin protector, mouth guard and head guard. You will not be allowed to fight if you are missing a single piece of equipment.



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