DPC SEA Division I And Division II Week 1 Results

DPC SEA Division I And Division II Week 1 Results

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A recap of the second tour of Dota 2 DPC matches in the SEA region.

The Dota 2 DPC games have started with the first week concluding its action. We didn’t get to see one of the most anticipated games of BOOM Esports because they had to forfeit, but we have a few other entertaining recaps.

Division I

Polaris Esports Vs Nigma Galaxy SEA

Polaris had the upper hand in the first match and with their soaring net worth, Nigma couldn’t do much to come back. Both Medusa and Legion Commander from Polaris were tough to deal with for Nigma. As we saw them dishing out tons of damage, Polaris won the first match 11-29 in about 42 minutes.

The second match saw Nigma in a better position in the early game. However, they struggled to push against the opponent’s Medusa. Nigma quickly gave away the lead because they couldn’t stand in fights against Polaris’ lineup. The scoreline in the end was 13-21 in 38 minutes.

Fnatic Vs Neon Esports

The first match saw Fnatic taking the early lead. They kept playing wisely to increase the gap between and Neon could not close in. Around 24 minutes into the game, Fnatic were already pushing high ground. With a massive advantage, Fnatic won the first match 13-45 in 38 minutes.

Neon looked much better in the second match. Although evenly matched in the early minutes, it was Neon who took the lead first towards the mid-game. Fnatic had little space to come back and lost 21-34 in 35 minutes.

Fnatic took the third match by storm. Right from the starting minutes, they were strong and dominated Neon to gain a tremendous advantage. The match was one-sided with Neon struggling to cope with the pace of the game. The ending scoreline was 12-49 in 48 minutes.

Team SMG Vs Execration

As both teams kept looking for openings to get ahead, it was SMG who was successful. The game was mostly even in the first 20 minutes, but a series of fights proved bad for Execration. The ending scoreline was 16-28 in 31 minutes.

The second game was neck to neck for both teams. However, Team SMG kept the pressure on to take the lead. Execration struggled against the mobility of heroes in SMG and lost 29-38 in 37 minutes.

T1 Vs Polaris Esports

Polaris destroyed T1, who looked disorganized about their game plan in the first match. The ending scoreline was 24-3 in 28 minutes. The second match was similar, but had a slow scoreboard in the early game. Polaris were confident and clever to take the lead and keep it. T1 lost 6-14 in 37 minutes.

BOOM Esports Vs Nigma Galaxy SEA

Because of technical difficulties, BOOM could not take part in the match. Nigma won the match, according to the rules of Dota 2 DPC.

Lower Bracket

Army Geniuses Vs ChubbyBoiz

We saw a well balanced first match between these two. In fact, even after the 30-minute mark, it wasn’t very clear who would win the game. However, ChubbyBoiz soon turned the tables with a massive fight around 45 minutes. With a huge lead, CB won 50-54 in a 58-minute game.

As both teams fought neck to neck in the early game, it was CB who got the lead first. However, Army Geniuses were not too far behind and had the time to make a comeback. After the 30-minute mark, CB had a lot more advantage which they used to win the match 40-26 in 37 minutes.

Motivate.Trust Gaming Vs ChubbyBoiz

Dominating with Leshrac, CB won the first match with a scoreline of 33-17 in about 38 minutes. CB had flash farming heroes like Leshrac and Templar which took control of the game after getting their key items.

The second match saw MG.Trust dominating the scoreline. However, CB were not very far behind in terms of net worth. After the 20-minute mark, CB won a few important fights to get ahead in the game. MG.Trust fell on the back foot and couldn’t recover. The scoreline was 27-36 in CB’s favor.

Lilgun Vs Talon Esports

Although the game was slow, Talon Esports looked in control and a suitable position overall. Slowly getting ahead, Talon completely dominated Lilgun and won the match 10-29 in 27 minutes.

The second game was like the first one, with Talon playing with an early lead. Lilgun struggled to play against Omniknight and Storm Spirit. They lost 9-26 in 28 minutes.

Army Geniuses Vs The Apes E-Sport

The Apes E-Sport established an early advantage and won the first match 19-34 in 35 minutes. The second match was a stomp from AG, who bounced back brilliantly after their loss in the first match.

The third match was high paced, but Apes got the lead and catapulted themselves to a dominating victory with a very high net worth advantage.

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