On the off chance that you have as of now have a focal vacuum framework in your home, at that point you are very much aware of the numerous advantages of this ground-breaking and productive cleaning framework. A great deal more lightweight and helpful than pulling around a customary substantial vacuum cleaner, with a focal vacuum framework, you simply plug the hose into the bay of the divider and begin vacuuming! Today in any case, there are significantly more alternatives to make your focal vacuum framework considerably progressively advantageous. Central Vacuum Repair

The Hide-A-Hose retractable hose framework is a significantly progressively proficient choice for your focal vacuum framework. A Hide-A-Hose takes care of the issue of conveying and putting away your focal vacuum hose. With the Hide-A-Hose framework, the vacuum hoses are put away inside the dividers and funneling of the vacuum framework. No additionally conveying, snaking and putting away a massive hose once more. You just draw the measure of hose that you need from the bay and start vacuuming. When you are done vacuuming, the suction from the focal vacuum control unit withdraws the hose again into the PVC tubing introduced inside the dividers of the home. No more requirement for capacity or hauling the hose from space to room or all over stairs.

The hose lengths are altered for each room as indicated by the extent of the floor. Every channel can conceal to 2,300 square feet. This new component has made an officially helpful framework – significantly more straightforward and progressively advantageous.

How It Works

The Hide-A-Hose framework utilizes a SmartTube™ framework which shrouds the tubing (or hoses) inside the dividers, upper room or creep spaces of your home. Uncommon tubing clears enable the retractable hose to travel unreservedly inside the tubing. Deltas can be introduced inside any 2″ x 4″ divider hole. The tubing is associated with a focal power unit that is generally set in the carport, storm cellar or gear room. Establishment is more straightforward and simpler for new development or retrofitting a current home.


The Hide-A-Hose framework can be introduced in new or existing homes or organizations. In the event that you as of now have a focal vacuum framework, you can change over to the conceal a-hose framework, yet the greater part of the pipes utilized by your present framework may must be supplanted so as to make sufficient extra room for the hoses. An expert installer can survey your home and the work that will be required for establishment.

The Hide-A-Hose framework is another and propelled highlight of the officially proficient focal vacuum framework. With this upgrade you can bid a fond farewell to conveying and putting away cumbersome focal vacuum hoses; basically haul out the measure of hose you need from the gulf valve, associate your cleaning wand and start vacuuming. When you are done, the hose will withdraw once again into the divider. It doesn’t get a lot simpler that!

On the off chance that you are keen on the Hide-A-Hose retractable hose framework for your home or spot of business, contact the specialists at Long Island Central Vacuum Repair. They are affirmed by the Vacuum Dealers Trade Association and they offer quality focal vacuum framework and Hide-A-Hose establishments, parts and fix administrations. For a free meeting and master data about the Hide-A-Hose framework.