Little Tina’s Wonderlands Tier List: Finest Courses Ranked

Little Tina’s Wonderlands Tier List: Finest Courses Ranked

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The new entry to the Borderlands franchise allows players to accessibility 6 diverse classes. From melee oriented tanks to spell casting DPS carries, many techniques of engage in open up up for the player. To help those people seeking what are the Small Tina’s Wonderlands Finest Classes, in this article is a Little Tina’s Wonderlands Tier Checklist, rating the classes from most effective to worst. Maintain in head, each and every class is viable in their possess regard. But some only carry out better than the many others, demanding significantly less grinding and gear orientation to see results.

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S Tier Courses

The strongest classes are conveniently Spore Warden and Spellshot. These two offer incredible hurt by means of their low cooldown moves. Making use of their motion abilities or spells will allow them to deal with virtually every single predicament that they discover them selves in.

Spore Warden

Their companions, the mushroom, is quickly one of the very best in the match. Many thanks to their little adorable ally, Spore Wardens regulate to soak up harm when permitting the player to burst down the enemy. Its arrow unfold shot outlets up to a few inventory, producing the course relatively strong when handling waves.


This class, on the other hand, is the only class in the activity that can attach two spells. This on its very own locations them at a terrific edge, making it possible for them to seamlessly weave in spells with gun injury to maximize DPS. Gamers hunting to merely enjoy the strongest lessons need to really think about just one of these two lessons, with Spellshot becoming a little bit of a higher level of problems than Spore Warden.

A Tier Classes

This section covers the medium tier lessons. Applying these lessons doesn’t hinder the player in any respect. They are just not as overpowered as the prior tier. In essence, they accomplish their relative functionality excellently, while not wholly breaking the activity to the point of building an virtually unfair instances for the inadequate enemies.


It’s a tiny weird for a shooter recreation to have a melee class, but which is specifically what Brrzerker is. And actually, the class feels wonderful. The increased melee procedure in Small Tina’s Wonderlands allows Brrzerker class to fare really properly in practically each individual circumstance in the activity. In addition, the enraged variety supplying the strongest elemental buffs.


This course reminisces of the assassin class in Borderlands 2. Utilizing invisibility alongside increased significant hit likelihood, Stabbomancer excels at finding out of difficulty. For those people acquainted with DnD, these can be imagined of as Rogues. The greatest draw back of the course is their reliance on equipment, as they do not necessarily deal incredible harm by means of their action capabilities. In the meantime, the S tier courses can very easily just spam their motion talent or spells to wipe out every thing in their path.


By sacrificing their purple wellness, Graveborns grant themselves amazing buffs that come to be exceptionally highly effective in the latter 50 % of the game. But studying how to correctly navigate through the enemies proves very the steep understanding curve, punishable by demise. Primarily during the early game, gamers have significantly less overall health and gear to make up for their smaller defenses. Graveborn’s health drain makes considerably as well lots of openings. The huge upside is, if gamers pick out the class as as secondary class alternatively than primary, the buffs provided are super helpful, and simply some of the strongest highly effective ups in the full activity.

B Tier

As of now, there is only 1 B tier course in the entire match. This class just feels lacking at the minute, with cooldowns way too lengthy to maintain the standard busy gun fights. Until this class receives considerable buffs, gamers may well want to appear in direction of the other classes.


The class permits gamers access to a Wyvern that’s just not extremely good. In addition, their lengthy cooldowns on their active skills in the variety of a hammer hinder the course from proficiently performing the job of a melee course. Clawbringers in normal just test way also significantly at the exact same time.

In conclusion

Just about every class is tons of enjoyable in Small Tina’s Wonderlands. Nevertheless some courses are unquestionably more robust than other folks, that doesn’t intended that players can’t get by means of the sport with a supplied class. This rings primarily real since gamers attain entry to two courses, not just 1, allowing for synergy to turn out to be a large factor. Even Clawbringer, easily the worst course in the sport, can see good results if gamers appropriately take care of their equipment and positioning. So at the end of the working day, enjoy what satisfies ideal. Ideally this manual on Little Tina’s Wonderlands Tier Checklist helped notify gamers of the process in spot.

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