More than your music, what audience expects?

The margin of difference between an artist and audience has been reduced significantly due to the active integration of social media and other means. The communication now is more vivid than it used to be in past.

The culpability of a music artist is way weightier than it usually seems. An artist is accountable to his/her audience for many things. Sometimes an artist even forgets about them. But a successful artist always values his/her audience’s requirements.  Because he/she knows that the entire process of being success depends on the audience. An artist is always made of his/her audience.

If we follow the recent trends, we will see an audience is demanding more than a funky beats and a snappy music video. They now demand a real connection with the artist. So an artist must need to provide that to his/her audience. This is a must if you are on spotify. The following method that we will share with you will help you to get on top of spotify promotion chart.

What are the most important 3 things audiences are looking for beyond music? Or let’s just say, what are the 3 things that will connect you more with your beloved audience?

  1. A sneak peak in to your behind the scene of your music: Listeners love stories. There’s not a single shred of doubt that a good behind the story of your music will connect your audience even more strongly.
  2. Open up about your past: People love to know more about the person behind the music. You can open up about your journey of being a successfully music artist. You can make a video on put it on youutbe, vimeo or dailymotion. Or collab with other channel and do an interview session regarding it.
  3. Collaboration is a sweet candy: People love to see two or more of their favorite artist to appear together. You can consider collab with uprising talent or an establish artist. This method will be an effective one in order to exchange fans as well.