Top 10 Countries where Online Gambling is Popular

Top 10 Countries where Online Gambling is Popular

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Casino games and gambling have been very popular for decades. And with the advent of technology, casinos have doubled the impact on the gambling industry. Today, many bettors can indulge in a casino game without visiting a physical casino. While that is the case, casino games and gambling are not legal in certain countries, which also affects the operation of online casinos in these countries.

Interestingly, today many of the countries that have seen a , are not what you would have imagined they would have been years ago. However, a careful look at all of them reveals that there is a common denominator – advanced technology. As technology continues to advance at an impressive pace, we no doubt expect to see more countries legalizing and supporting the growth of online casinos in their regions.

There are still so many countries where . Here, people can gamble by visiting a casino or joining online casino platforms. This article provides a detailed list of some of the major countries where online gambling takes center stage.

  1. Germany

Even though Germany has certain policies regarding online gaming, Germans enjoy betting. This has gained them a record as one of the top online casino countries across Europe and globally. For a country with over 83 million and one of the strongest global economies, Germany leads the chart with over 139,000 online casino participants. According to online casino statistics, Germans spend about on online casino and gambling sites.

  1. Canada

Canada is another country with records of online casino participants. With a population of about 38 million, over . Although Canada does not have a leading record of online casino participants, at least 5% of its population engages in online games yearly.

  1. United Kingdom

A good number of British citizens use and visit online casinos yearly. With a population of 67 million, . This number amounts to about 11% of the entire UK population. It is not surprising that many British people enjoy online casino gambling. This can be ascribed to Britain’s online gambling safety policy, which ensures a responsible and safe gambling atmosphere for citizens.

GGY of the casino gambling industry in UK (2010-2020)
GGY of the casino gambling industry in UK (2010-2020)
  1. Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of those countries where online gambling is legalized, which means citizens and residents can indulge in online betting. The Dutch gambling authority made gambling licenses available to .

With a population of 17 million, 50,000 people living in the Netherlands freely indulge in online casinos, making it one of the countries with online casino popularity.

  1. Sweden

On the list of top countries with an online casino, popularity is Sweden. With a population of 10 million Swedish citizens and residents, 38,000 participate in online casinos, which keeps the casinos thriving. The growth of the gambling industry due to the impact of online casinos has been evident to all in Sweden, Interestingly, it can only get better for them and that’s why every finger seems crossed expecting more from casino card games in the future.

  1. United States

It’s impossible to talk about online casinos and gambling without having the United States of America on the list. Although gambling and online casino restrictions exist in some states, there are still states like Colorado, New Jersey, and others where online casinos are legalized. With 330 million citizens and residents, 44,000 Americans participate in online gambling. It could be argued that its record results from certain gambling and betting restrictions in some US states.

  1. Italy

Italy has the historical record of opening one of the first casinos globally, and gambling and betting have had a negative reputation in Italy over time (reads here). This has improved as over 24,400 Italians, and residents gamble in online casinos in recent years. With a constantly growing population, it is not surprising to see Italy featuring on this list and the figure keeps going up by the day.

  1. Australia

Australia is another country on the list of top online casinos with a population of 26 million, about 7,400 Australians visit online casinos, which is about 2% of the entire population. Surprisingly, despite the increase in the number of people who use online casinos, to place their bets.

Some numerical (yearly) statistics on gambling in Australia
Some numerical (yearly) statistics on gambling in Australia (source:
  1. Mexico

Mexico is also among the list of countries with leading online casino popularity. For a country of 130 million, over 21,500 Mexicans gamble and bet in online casinos yearly.

  1. Spain

The list is incomplete without mentioning Spain. Spain has a population of 47 million, and 20,500 of its residents visit online casinos yearly, which amounts to about 6% of its entire population.

While there are so many other countries where online casinos are in the spotlight, the above-listed are some of the countries leading on the popularity chart.

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